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Tradeshow Attendance Campaign For CAPPAExpo 2008: Corridor Area Promotional Products Association- (CAPPA)

San Antonio, Texas            

 A program that energizes turn out and compels members to support their regional tradeshow is what fuels this campaign category. CAPPA’s goal was to exceed 2007’s net profit by 20 percent utilizing an attention-grabbing theme that left a win-win impression for all participating in the tradeshow. A football theme was chosen and to encourage 200 suppliers and 450 distributors to participate, a tagline of “Get in the Game” was used. The theme, National Champion Suppliers vs. Home Town Players differentiated suppliers and distributors. They were to come face to face on the field at Freeman Coliseum to learn what was new and exciting in the promotional products industry. In keeping with the theme, an authentic tailgate party was held at the host hotel on the evening prior to the tradeshow. The ballroom was decorated in the theme colors of blue and orange, and the CAPPA staff wore football jerseys. Following the tailgate party, guests were invited to “Play to Win” at a festive casino event, complete with cheer signs and sports-related prizes. These elements were the inspirations for the “Get in the Game” tagline. Using the names of the National Champion Suppliers and Home Town Players created a team spirit. Every aspect of the event, from the printed pieces, shirts, painted signs, selection of promotional items, was done to create continuity for the theme. As a result of this campaign, CAPPA made a big play and ran past its 20 percent goal by 235 percent.

Published By: PPAI- Promotional Products Association International

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  1. Cheryl Landman permalink
    12/08/2008 5:48 pm

    Congratulations on being selected again for the PPAI Regional Pyramid Award…great job!!!!! A big pat on the back for all of the CAPPA Board members and in particular to CAPPA Trade Show Chairman and committee members.

    It’s a honor to be connected to you all.

    Cheryl Landman
    PSIncentives div of Pro-Specialties, Inc.

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