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Promo 35 on Facebook


Ya’ll have heard me talk about Facebook before and what an awesome social network it is… well, it just got better! Charley Johnson, from SnugZ USA, started a Facebook group called Promo 35.


Promo 35 is “bridging the gap between all generations of Promo product professionals. All are invited to join, managers, sales reps, customer service, people in shipping & everyone in between. Promo35 will give everyone access to the best minds in the industry.”

If you don’t already have a Facebook account click here to get started. I promise it’s painless and you’ll be glad you did it! Not only will you connect with friends, family, coworkers and be able to join awesome groups ranging from “Promo 35 to I need a Vacation” (yes, it’s real); You can even take part in things like virtual farming on farm town -don’t knock it until you have tried it!


If you have questions about facebook or need help starting an account, post a comment below and I will be happy to help you! What are you waiting for? Go now & if you decide to farm, please be my neighbor :)!

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