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Bragging Rights & Thank You’s from the 2009 CAPPA EXPO!


I hope that when you read this post it’s just a recap because you attended “The Best Little Show in Texas” on August 13th, in San Antonio! Just in case you could not make it, it was a total SUCCESS!!!

You might ask what constitutes a success?

  • Awesome suppliers and multi-line reps. who support CAPPA year after year and led to us selling out of booths this year. We owe you an enormous amount of gratitude!
  • 289 distributors who showed up ready to engage and learn. Thanks to you, all of our hard work paid off in spades

Planning a 2 day EXPO is a monumental VOLUNTEER effort that begins a year in advance. I would be remiss not to call out a few special people who gave above and beyond what is required to make this event truly “The Best Little Show in Texas”!

  • Rick Tabone (The Identity Group), 2009 EXPO Chair. It would take at least 2 pages to list all of the things Rick did for our show this year. Any event of this magnitude needs an anchor, head cheerleader, pilot and he definitely filled those shoes for us. Thank You for all you did for CAPPA this year… your efforts will be felt for years to come!
  • Debra Stovall– I am not kidding when I tell you I don’t know what we would do without her. We would an unorganized bunch of heathens who did not know up from down 🙂 Debra has been with CAPPA for a number of years and she continues to put her heart and soul into making us a better organization and for this we are eternally grateful!
  • CAPPA Board Members– Matt, Ruth, Marsha, Rick, Heather, Terri and myself. Not only do we give our time to serve on the CAPPA board but we all have a hand in making the show a success.
  • Volunteers (Matt Gledhill, Melinda Chandler, Sunny Araguz, Hilda Guiteriez, Collin Newmann, Bob and Audrey Elder, Forrest Stovall, Tyler Vaught, and Michael Burbank). Thanks to you we have fabulous pictures, check in ran smoothly and load in and load out were a breeze. Thank you so much for volunteering your time year after year… from the bottom of our hearts we truly appreciate you!

2009 was our 25th Anniversary and we hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to start the show. It was attended by many of the CAPPA Past-Presidents, Jennifer Arriaga from HPPA, Kathy Schneider from PPAS, Larry Krause longtime CAPPA supporter, Steve Slagel and Melissa Hall from PPAI. Thanks for all your support over the years- we would not be where we are today without ya’ll!

This year we had lots of changes including a new day, new time and a new venue. I am very proud to say that all of these worked our to our advantage and we received glowing reviews from both attendees and exhibitors.

Planning is already under way for the 2010 EXPO. Please do us a favor and mark your calendars now for August 19th, 2010, in San Antonio at Live Oak Civic Center. You won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Rick Tabone permalink
    09/02/2009 11:50 pm

    As we recap this wonderful event that took place with so many volunteers, I need to say, Thank You to all the suppliers who still beleive in CAPPA…Thank You for coming back…you will always have a place with CAPPA.. times are tough, and alot of manufactures & suppliers backed out of this event and still attened MAPPS & HPPPA…..but you…Mr. Supplier, Multi-Line Rep …hung in there….you still came to San Antonio/Austin for this event…WOW

    Lets continue this exciting event…it is up to everyone to make it better next year…see you on the road…..
    Rick Tabone

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