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A New Decade…


Dear Friends,

It seems like just yesterday that it was July and we were all wondering if we would ever survive the heat wave! Now here we are the end of another year and looking forward to a new a decade…and it’s COLD!! 2009 has been a roller coaster year for our industry and the economy in general. We have seen mergers, failures and everything in between but the old saying “work still works” will prevail.

2010 is going to bring fresh changes to the CAPPA Board of Directors. We are so excited to have four new members. I have had the opportunity to meet each of them and begin working with them and I must say that I think 2010 is going to be a great year for CAPPA!

 Darlene Kirk, Norwood (President)

 Matt Gledhill, Walker Advertising (EXPO Chair)

 Bill Collins, AJL Advertising (Education Chair)

 Scott Harris, Pro Towels, Etc… (Event/Social Chair)

Last but not least, a special thanks to: Matt Storlien, Rick Sepulveda, and Heather Nigh. Each of them gave their time, in 2009, on the CAPPA Board of Directors and we wish them well.

2009 was CAPPA’s 25th Anniversary! We would just like to say thanks to each and every person who has helped to get us where we are today. Without those dedicated individuals you would not have awesome opportunities right here in Central Texas such as the EXPO, MAS/CAS education and much more.

Moving forward CAPPAChat will become your #1 source for all CAPPA news, statistics, events, announcements, articles and more. Plan on book marking our site and joining the conversation today!

We’re optimistic about 2010 and as you’re making your New Year’s resolutions, please consider adding CAPPA to the list 🙂 We sincerely hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday season and wish you much success in the coming year!

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