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Get to know your Board of Directors…


From Darlene Kirk, 2010 CAPPA President

Why is volunteering with CAPPA important to you?

 It is an experience that cannot be bought. Even though you are not paid for your work the benefits are actually greater than money. The selfless act of volunteering gives you an opportunity to change and enhance a person’s life personally and professionally. If people never volunteered and only care about themselves this world would be cruel and sad place.

 What is the one event or person that brought you to the promotional products industry?

 I did not know much about our industry but after an eight month lay off from my previous company I knew I wanted a dynamic position and would not settle for anything short of this. I saw a job offering for product development manager with Norwood and applied. This position gave me the opportunity to travel the world and make friendships everywhere! I love the fun and creativity of this industry.

 What is important in your life right now?

 I am very focused on the connections I have with my husband and my children. Understanding them at every level and seeing how I can help them grow and develop their dreams. I am grateful for the blessings they give me everyday. Especially, my husband who makes everyday like Christmas for me and my children…these moments I hold close knowing that it may not always be there.

 Name on thing that not many people know about you.

 I sang for many years in a church and was a lead singer in a band in my early twenties. I have always loved music! It is best motivator!

 Where is your favorite place on earth?

 I love the ocean and the Virgin Islands represent for me some of the most picturesque views you will ever see!

 Before the board orientation what was your impression of CAPPA as an organization, good or bad?

 My honest opinion is that I have viewed CAPPA as an organization that has not provided tremendous value to its members beyond its trade show.

 What is the one take away you received after the board orientation?

 We will be focused on changing and enhancing the lives of all who we encounter.

 What is your personal goal for CAPPA

I want to re-establish the identity of CAPPA. I would like to make this organization a dynamic source of business for our supplier members and a resource for distributor members to obtain the tools they need to succeed.

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  1. 02/17/2010 5:29 pm

    Great bio….can’t wait to have you sing the national Anthem at The Best Little Tradeshow in Texas…yeah

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