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Get to know your Board of Directors…


Jennifer Brown, 2010 CAPPA Vice President & RAC Delegate

Why is volunteering with CAPPA important to you?

In my opinion, it’s all about the relationships I’ve built through my volunteer work. I have been very fortunate to meet so many wonderful people that I am lucky to call my friend. I also truly believe in the work we’re doing and the potential that CAPPA has to help you succeed in your business.

 What is the one event or person that brought you to the promotional products industry?

 Honestly, I ended up here on a fluke! I was working part time for a local distributor and after I had been there several months they decided that they wanted to get out of the business. In a matter of about 3 days I became a business owner and as they say “the rest is history!”

 What is important in your life right now?

 I’m working on focusing my business model to adapt to the new economy while continuing to grow my business. In my personal life I am a natural born worrier and i’m learning (slowly!)  to “be in the moment” so that I enjoy everything life has to offer, today!

 Name one thing that not many people know about you.

 If you’ve ever been around me for more than an hour or so, you’ll probably notice that I tend to wear my sunglasses a lot inside. The reason for that is not that I think I’m “too cool for school” 🙂 , it’s because I’m legally blind (sunglasses are prescription).

 Where is your favorite place on earth?

 WOW-this is a tough one for me because I LOVE to travel! It’s a tie between two places: Ireland- there is no words to describe the natural beauty of the country and my Granny’s house in East Texas- it represents everything good in my life.

 Before board orientation what was your impression of CAPPA as an organization, good or bad?

 My impression of CAPPA was that it was an organization with great heart but one that needed new leadership to focus and move forward toward a successful future.

 What is the one take away that you received after board orientation?

 Our new Board of Directors has the passion and dedication to bring CAPPA to its full potential.

 What is your personal goal for CAPPA?

 I want distributors and suppliers to recognize CAPPA as an organization that is beneficial to the overall success of their business.

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