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Get to know your Board of Directors…


Matt Gledhill, 2010 Director/EXPO Chair

Why is volunteering with CAPPA important to you?

I think volunteering with CAPPA is important because it allows me to express myself within our industry and highlight our local economy through the promotion of how powerful custom logo merchandise can truly be.

What is the one event or person that brought you to the promotional products industry?

Dan and Jeff Walker have been a very powerful positive influence over me. Dan showed me early on that the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition is creativity. He also taught me that no matter how serious business became it is always important to maintain a healthy sense of humor.

What is important in your life right now?

My family, God, friends, and partners in life.

Name one thing that not many people know about you.

I am a horsepower junkie. In my extra free time you will probably find me in my garage or with car buddies. My weekend toys consist of a supercharged C5 Corvette as well as a Mustang GT convertible I have had since I was 16.

What is your favorite place on this earth?

Home is what my heart always yearns for. I love being home with my wife and 16 month old son. There is no other place that gives me such an “at peace” feeling.

Before the board orientation what was your impression of CAPPA as an organization, good or bad?

It was good. The outgoing board was made of people I admire and consider good friends. It was a real turning point in the organization and I am very happy to be a part of the new CAPPA.

What is the one take away you received after the board orientation?

I really was impressed with how much we feed off of each other. I feel like my weak points will be politely compensated for throughout my term and I will be able to take a lot of knowledge from my role in CAPPA and apply it to my role at Walker Advertising, Inc.

What is your personal goal for CAPPA?

To do my best to make 2010 the best year CAPPA has ever seen.

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