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Suppliers: Invest in Yourself…Even in a Down Economy! (Part 1)


By: Matt Gledhill, 2010 CAPPA EXPO Chair

For some the current state of your business and personal life can easily be compared to the crabbing ships on Discovery Channels “Deadliest Catch.” We wake up everyday and in most cases don’t know what to expect and don’t know how to get where we want to go; we may even feel like there is very little to “catch.” On other days we may be so busy gathering our bounty that we quickly forget about the down in the dumps feeling we had just moments before, and then it hits us…. A rogue wave turns us upside down and shatters the ever so happy pace we were working at.

 We all have times like this. Sometimes all of the emotions possible in this industry happen in one day! It’s just the nature of our “Deadly Catch.” The question you have to ask yourself is “What am I fishing for and am I using the best bait possible?

 In times like these where uncertainty is the only thing certain we need to focus on marketing tactics that will work and bring you the most bang for you buck now and for years to come. For this reason I have come up with my top Three Reasons to Invest in Yourself and Your Company in a Down Economy:

 Reason #1:

Differentiate Yourself by Selling Ideas and NOT Products: Everyone knows the amount of competition in this business is fierce. You can go into visit every one of the distributors on your list and push your products as hard as you can and not get one order out of it. Why is this? Because products don’t sale like marketing ideas do. When it boils down to it we are looking for a reaction from the last person that the products hands touch. Does your product create the “ahh-haa” moment?

Stay tuned tomorrow for Reason #2…

To register to exhibit at the 2010 CAPPA EXPO, click here!

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