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Suppliers: Invest in Yourself…Even in a Down Economy! (Part 3)


By: Matt Gledhill, 2010 CAPPA EXPO Chair

Reason #3:

Hit Serious Distributors in the Most Cost Effective and Timely Manner: Distributor presentations can last hours and limit you to how many distributor sales reps you can see in a single day. Ever go to a distributor meeting to find only one person or even no one is available to meet even though you scheduled the meeting well in advance?

 Targeting distributors at their office is a great approach but a much more cost effective means of visiting with distributors is Tradeshows, and good trade shows at that. We had almost 300 distributor representatives at our 2009 CAPPA EXPO and if you talk to other suppliers I am sure you know that many of them labeled the show and attendees were a success. Being able to visit with almost 300 distributor reps would take you on average 2 weeks straight working non stop. How much would that cost you?

 CAPPA Early Bird Special ends April 2nd. Don’t let this tip pass you by- click here to register today!

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