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This post is on behalf of Matt Gledhill, CAPPA President and the CAPPA Board,

Dear CAPPA Members and Supporters,

At the Special Member Meeting held on Monday, February 6th the future of CAPPA was discussed.  There was a very small number in attendance which reiterated why the meeting was taking place.  Knowing the economic conditions today, CAPPA had to consider the value and the time people have to offer the Association.  The attendees discussed the concerns and issues that have been evident over the years.  Without the interest, availability and willingness of people to volunteer, members present, including Proxy’s received, voted to dissolve CAPPA.  We will be in the process of closing CAPPA over the next six months or so.  Our plan is to shut down correctly and make sure everything that CAPPA has collected is dispersed with complete legal and ethical consideration.  

It has been a wonderful experience serving membership.  Successes of all kind have come because of the time and energy given by volunteers under CAPPA.  Great friendships have formed and will always be there.  Our tradeshow, “The Best Little Show in Texas”, is a success but has completed its course.  The CAPPA Expo will dissolve with the Association.

Let’s not forget to mention our wonderful Executive Director, Debra Stovall.  She is the best CAPPA could have found in a single person to run the organization like it should have been run.  Next time you see her, please thank her for all the extra hours she put in.

Thank you to those who volunteered over the years……Your time was Valuable!!!  If you have any questions please contact us. 


The CAPPA Board

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